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Optibus is a startup that develops public transportation and bus scheduling software using advanced optimization algorithms and machine learning to better run mass-transportation.


Working as a product designer for Optibus On-Schedule & On-Time desktop apps (B2B).

 Collaborating with CEO, product managers and developers, in an agile environment.

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Optibus On-Time

A real time solution that empowers public transportation operators to address problems that trigger bus delays, before they impact passengers.

My role: UX Design, Visual Design

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On-Schedule - Adding Features

On-Schedule is a vehicle and crew planning and scheduling for better operation and lower costs.

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Rostering Feature

Rostering is the final step of the scheduling process, combining daily driver duties to create weekly “packages” of daily driver duties.

Requirement: Adding Rostering feature (based on the Gantt view) in order to minimize labor costs while maintaining high driver satisfaction. Increase efficiency for crew and vehicle scheduling

My role: UX Design, Visual Design

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Time-Table Feature

Creating Time-Table is part of the process of route planning and modification.

Requirement: Adding the ability to create and edit time tables, create routes, stops and timepoints. timetable that builds rapidly and is validated.

My role: UX Design, Visual Design

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