GfK is a global market research company based in Germany. Provides advanced solutions using innovative technologies and data sciences.

Working as a product designer for Gfk Desktop & mobile products (Regiograph, Insight reporting, PCR).  Collaborating with CEO, UX Designers and developers.


GfK RegioGraph (GIS)

RegioGraph is a geomarketing web system that answers the many “where” questions faced by businesses of all sizes and industries by displaing customers and turnover directly on digital maps, analysing data to reveal unseen trends and relationships, and incorporate external market indicators to locate areas of untapped potential.

My role: UI Design


GfK - Consumer Insights

GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine provides a 360-degree perspective of consumer purchase decisions—from the what, where and when an item was bought, through to the all-important detail of who bought it and why. With detailed consumer profiles you can understand, identify and focus on your target audience—and with the ‘why buy?’ insights, you can leverage purchase drivers and influence buying decisions. You’ll be able to make smarter, faster decisions to optimize your performance across all touchpoints to increase sales.

My role: UI Design