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Gigya is a SaaS company that provides websites with a complete social infrastructure (customers like Nike, CBS, NBA).


Recruited for Gigya as Designer Lead in its first stages as a Startup (now SAP).

Role: was responsible for designing (UX & visual design) all company B2C products and B2B SaaS platform
Team: worked alongside CEO, PM's, developers and Marketing division (Palo Alto).

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Gigya SaaS Platform

Gigya’s customer identity and access management software enables customers to provide more effective experiences that give their customers transparency and control over their data.

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Engagement Plugins

Gigya's social engagement plugins are pre-built UI elements that can be used to perform common tasks that are related to social networks.

Challenge: Gigya's plugins are highly customizable, so for me the challenge was to create generic & minimalistic design as possible, so the plugins could be customizable and integrated to any site.

Product designed: Share bar, Comments, Ratings & Reviews, Reactions, Game Mechanics.

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Game Mechanics

Gamification plugin was designed to increase engagement on sites.
Can be used to display gamification information, such as the user's current points, the current achieved level, the number of points needed to achieve the next level, the highest ranking users, etc.

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UI Builder for social login & registration

Designing UI Builder that helps sites build Login and Registration flows.

Flows are designed in a minimal number of steps which cover all the main login scenarios, with built-in indicators for password strength and email confirmation, to minimize friction, eliminate frustration, and increase registration and conversion rates.
In addition, users can log in with their social network accounts, to simplify the process and increase the number of users even further.

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